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  1. Manufacture and utilize SDN-controllable Photonic Integrated Chip (PIC) technologies for low-latency and low-power FiWi C-RAN 5G network solutions.

  2. Deploy and demonstrate high-capacity 64x64 V-band MIMO antennas.

  3. Deploy and demonstrate a SDN-controllable multi-format Nx25Gb/s FlexBox-family of centralized units.

  4. Develop a powerful DSP engine enabling low-latency, low-energy DSP-assisted analog FiWi fronthauling.

  5. Develop intelligent and co-operative integrated FiWi packetized fronthaul via Medium-Transparent Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (MT-DBA) supporting cooperative radio-optical beamforming.

  6. Deploy an SDN control plane for orchestrating the complete FiWi 5G network towards low-latency and energy-efficient reconfigurable 5G Network-on-Demand schemes

  7. Architect low-latency, low-energy, high-capacity and flexible 5G FiWi mmWave networks for dense, ultra-dense and Hot-Spot areas.

  8. Validate its 5G network technologies in a series of scalable lab- and field-trial demonstrators.

  9. Deliver a holistic roadmap and business plan analysis for the cost-efficient and smooth migration into mmWave FiWi C-RAN 5G networks for high dense areas.