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Click on the green button to view the flyer from the special issue of Applied Sciences: "Photonics Technology in 5G".

There follows the announcement:

On the verge of the 5G era for mobile networks, a wide variety of demanding applications and use case scenarios have been setting especially demanding end-user requirements, placing a tremendous load also on the fronthaul network. Photonics technology is expected to play a crucial role in the deployment and success of future 5G networks, providing high-speed data transmission and switching systems, thus satisfying the speed and the low- latency requirement of 5G networks.

The main purpose of this Special Issue “Photonic Technology in 5G” is to cover all topics of the latest research and developments in the field of photonics and its implementation in 5G networks. This is an open call for papers providing research contributions to the following areas:

  • 5G Network Architecture
  • Digital/Analog Radio Over Fiber (Rof) Systems
  • III/V laser and Silicon Photonic Transceivers
  • Integrated Microwave Photonics Technology
  • Optical Interfaces for Wireless and Transport Solutions
  • Fast Optical Gateways and Hybrid Circuit/Packet switch engines Enabling Optical Communication Technologies
  • 5G Standardization
  • Radio-Optical Digital Signal Processing

Dr. Agapi Mesodiakaki (AUTH) presented 5G-PHOS in her interview to Greek Women in STEM about 5G networks and why they are much better than we think. Check the full interview here (both Greek and English version available).


5G-PHOS has posted three new videos in its official YouTube channel, depicting exciting demonstrators based on the latest research outcomes of the project.

Visit our YouTube channel here:


5G-PHOS participated in the 13th International Conference on Interactive Mobile Communication, Technologies and Learning (IMCL) 2019 at Thessaloniki with Dr. Agapi Mesodiakaki presenting analog 5G-PHOS architectures as enablers of 5G eCPRI fronthaul networks.


Dear 5G-PHOS partners,

Between 10-13 September 2019, 5G-PHOS in collaboration with the EUIMWP Cost action organized a 4-day Training School in Thessaloniki.

The training included talks from many 5G-PhOS partners, among industry vendors, operators and academia, as well as hands on training on mmWave antenna design and Fiber Wireless experimentation. By counting the signatures in the attendance lists, the event attracted more than 65 participants! Here you can find attached a Summary Report of what happened during these days, including photos, description of the demos, video material on youtube and useful links for further information:

Once again we would like to thank all speakers and attendees from 5G-PHOS who participated and kindly supported the 5G Training School, contributing to a successful European 5G event. We hope that you have enjoyed the Training School as much as the local organizers did!

Looking forward to meeting you all at next meeting in Lannion!

On behalf of the organizing committee,

Chris, George and Amalia