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Dr. Agapi Mesodiakaki presented 5G-PHOS in her interview to Vima about 6G networks.

You can read the article from: https://www.tovima.gr/printed_post/agapi-mesodiakaki-crtora-anaptyssoume-to-6g/ (subscription required) or in pdf here.

We are happy to announce that on the 8-9th December the 5G-PHOS project had its final review at the NTUA premises in Athens, Greece. During this final review, the project successfully exhibited its converged analog Fiber-Wireless transport solution targeting 5G services. The consortium had the opportunity to showcase a plethora of real services including interconnection of multiple cells, 3D video streaming and exciting games, all running over the SDN-managed analog 5G-PHOS FiWi solution!